Rush Takes Jones Beach

Saw my boys Rush at the Jones Beach Theater on Long Island last night. (Oh, sorry, NIKON at Jones Beach Theater.) The Toronto trio were in fine form, despite the typical "windy" Jones Beach acoustics. That's the price you pay for being at an outdoor venue that's on the water. Thought about that a lot when they played "The Way the Wind Blows" during the second set...

Rushlasersimg082 Unless you're in the orchestra down in front (I've been in the 7th row for a Rush show three tours back and the 10th row for Steve Earle and Jackson Browne), you're going to be at the mercy of the dreaded ripple effect. Anyhow, here are a few blurry artistic images taken on my Motorola Q from my further-back-than-I-originally-thought seats - one we'll call "lasers," one we'll call "explosions." Without giving away the setlist, I can say there are at least six revived classics, some welcome videoscreen "guests," and a good bit of the new album, Snakes & Arrows, in the 3-hour show. I've seen these guys on every tour since Moving Pictures back in '81, and I'll see 'em at least twice more on this one.

Rushexplodeimg089 The next gig is this Sunday at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. Hoping for better sound overall, though PNC acoustics can also be spotty. Still, it's the level of musicianship, intuitive playing, camaraderie, and humor that keeps me coming back for more. And, hell yes, they damn sure still do a killer "Tom Sawyer." -Mike Mettler

BTW Dept.: My vinyl eval of S&A will be posted soonly. Up first -- can you say "Dark Side"....

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