Runco WindowWall Video Display

So-called "tiled" video displays—huge screens made up of multiple smaller screens—have been employed commercially for some time, but up to now, they've been relatively impractical for home use. Runco hopes to change that with its new WindowWall, which is designed for decidedly upscale homes.

WindowWall comprises an array of 46-inch, 1366x768 LCD panels with only a quarter-inch bezel between them. These panels can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation, and the entire structure requires only 4.5 inches of depth, allowing it to be installed on convex or concave walls. The electronics, which can use all panels for one large image or display separate smaller images in any combination, are located in a separate rack up to 100 feet away.

Of course, I wouldn't want to watch a movie on such a display—the dividing lines would be too distracting. But WindowWall is perfect for sports enthusiasts, who can watch one game enlarged to gigantic proportions or a bunch of different games at the same time. You can also display scenes as if looking out a real window (an application called "digital ambience"), engage in videoconferencing, and monitor various security cams around your property, among many other applications.

The system is completely scalable, with many standard configurations available from $20,000 to $300,000. A recent demo in Los Angeles featured nine landscape-oriented panels in a 3x3 array measuring 10.1 feet wide by 5.7 feet high with a total resolution of 4098x2304, which would cost about $95,000. Hey, if I had a big upscale house, I'd sure want one!

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Jarod's picture

Like you said I wouldn't want to watch movies on them but if it was the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, it would be nice to wake up to the view of a warm sunny day or a cool winters morning. I gotta admit, if i hit the lotto i'd have at least one of my walls fitted with these in a heartbeat!

LordoftheRings's picture

Hey finally! we got to have what was in 'Teminator 2' Special Edition version of the film. Remember that added scene in the doctor's office with a full wall of nature paysage? * Yeah right, I got the real deal (ocean view) directly through my French patio doors, and it's free too!

Bruce's picture

For $95,000 you would think you could get a screen that size. Of course if you have the money to waste and really wanted one I can see getting it. Especially for NFL Sundays. It's like what I have with my Matrox TripleHead2Go that turns my 3 monitors into one large monitor so when I play Call of Duty 4 I get an increased field of view. It stinks having the separation between monitors but its the best I can get until they come out with super wide screen monitors.

Andrew Yang's picture

Not sure that I would want to watch sports on that screen either. Again, the dividing lines would be distracting, potentially even more so than for a movie. Lines do tend to play a rather integral part in sports!

Big L's picture

Scott: Does the greatly upscaled image on each panel have the same quality as say a projected image of the same overall size?

Adam's picture

Ohh come on... The lines really are not that distracting. Go to any BJ's restaurant and they all have this concept installed on the wall behind the bar. The multi-screen setup is just sweet, and when you can see the whole image its just HUGE. No I would never watch a movie on such a device, but for sports its awesome.

Scott Wilkinson's picture

Big L, the environment was not ideal by any means, so I can't say for sure, but it looked pretty good to me, with very little variation in color or brightness from one tile to another. The upscaling didn't seem to introduce obvious problems, at least during a short demo. And this system can easily beat any projector in a well-lit room. Jitz, LOL! I was thinking of the same reference when I saw this thing!

Bruce's picture

What I meant for watching sports was to be able to watch multiple games at one time. I know you can do that with multiple TVs but having them that close together looks so much better. One day we will have 100" OLED screens glued to the wall and we will look back at these setups and laugh.

Tim's picture

jajajajajjaajaja... who the HLL could ever buy this idiot thing for home!. Beware UAV, step by step you are going to be an extravagant-ridiculous magazine for people who does not have any sense in their lifes.

Eduardo Andrade's picture

I' love it to watch sports. But wouldn't one of those AMD Eyefinity graphic cards -for less than $600- and multiple thin bezzel LCD's or Plamas do it?

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