Roxio unveils VideoLab 3D for 3D filmmakers


Pretty soon, home users will be able to produce their own 3D home movies, thanks to the latest software from Roxio. The company just announced Roxio VideoLab 3D, a video editing suite designed specifically for 3D video.

3D cameras are still limited in the consumer sector, but products like the Fujifilm W1 are available for as little as $600 and let users record 3D video. VideoLab can accept video from the W1 or any other 3D video source and process it in several different 3D formats. It can render videos in over-under, side-by-side, dual-stream, and even anaglyph (red and blue frames) video, so your 3D projects can can work with anything from a modern Mitsubishi screen to a 40-year-old CRT.

VideoLab 3D is among several planned 3D products Roxio will release over the next year as part of the company's Total 3D initiative. Roxio's latest version of CinePlayer BD features several 3D features, including playing 3D Blu-ray Discs and processing 2D DVDs and Blu-ray Discs as 3D. Roxio's other 3D consumer products have not yet been announced. Roxio has not yet released pricing and availability for VideoLab 3D.

Will Greenwald

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