Ride Like the Wind

This gorgeously customized Harley, on display in the Diamond Audio booth at the 2014 CES, is enough to make a non-rider want to jump in the saddle and ride off into the sunset. Apart from its sheer beauty and the fact that it has a 12-speaker sound system powered by a single Diamond Audio Micro4 power amplifier, no one knew anything about the bike, and its owner was nowhere to be found when I stopped by the booth. I came back a second time and someone had put a placard on the seat that highlighted one other interesting fact about the sound system: All 12 speakers are wired in parallel, resulting in an ultra-low 1.3-ohm impedance load—low enough to turn most amplifiers into toast. Must be one heck of an amp. Note the kickstand (above) and the woofers in the rear saddle bag (below).

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