Polk Audio Ups Price:Performance Ante with DS 7660 System

Not everyone wants or needs a cost-no-object home theater. Many movie fans are completely content with affordable systems, and companies like Polk Audio are working hard to keep them happy.

Polk has introduce two second generation "Home Theater in a Box" (HTIB) systems that offer huge performance for the price. Sometimes derided by home theater snobs because no special expertise is required for setup, HTIB is one of the consumer electronics industry's fastest growing segments. Polk's DS 7600 includes everything you need---other than a video display---to turn a small-to-medium room into a more-than-satisfactory home theater.

Included in the DS7600 package are a component DVD player, a full-featured AM/FM tuner, preamp, Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound processor with six-channel audio inputs, a high-current 500 watt six-channel amplifier (built into the subwoofer), five satellite speakers, and all the cabling necessary to link it all together. The cost? $2999. The similar but less expensive DS7200, with a lower-power amp and smaller subwoofer, was demonstrated at Home Entertainment 2001 to great acclaim.

"We know that consumers want simple home theater solutions," said Polk Audio co-founder Matthew Polk. "We believe that there are many consumers in search of a simpler choice---easier set-up and operation---who also want great sound quality. We aim to serve that market segment, and we put enormous effort into making sure the Digital Solutions systems deliver no-compromise performance. The DS systems bring component quality performance to people who are unwilling to put up with the complexity of mix and match systems."

Polk has also addressed the real-world concerns of homeowners who don't have the space for giant loudspeakers. "We chose a small, slim satellite platform because space and decorating concerns are major impediments to home theater for many families. By optimizing the electronics for the loudspeakers, we overcame the typical sub/sat performance drawbacks. This system really does deliver big sound without the big speakers." No one who heard the 7200 system in New York would disagree. Visit the Polk Audio website to locate a dealer near you.

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