Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000 Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000 Headphones Sweepstakes (MSRP $349.95) we are giving away.

According to Polk:

In the UltraFocus 8000, Polk has distilled 40 years of knowledge from our high-performance home speakers to craft a superb headphone listening experience. That’s because we believe the quality of the sound you want to hear, your music, is more important than those you want to cancel.

The UltraFocus 8000 produces a truly amazing sound as easily on an airline or train, as it will at home in front of your stereo system. With SecureFit support, generously cushioned ear pads and Active Noise Canceling technology, you’ll hear your music with extraordinary clarity and detail, even around high levels of ambient noise. Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance Driver Technology, combines with active noise canceling and passive noise isolation, to produce an audiophile-grade listening experience.

In addition, an on-ear 3 button remote control and an in-line microphone enable you to use IPod, iPad and IPhones anytime, anywhere. There’s also a push-to-hear ambient control that mutes the audio and amplifies outside sounds, so you can hear without removing the headphones. Details that add to an enjoyable listening experience include an ultra-flexible, tangle-free audio cable, made of non-microphonic material, that eliminates exterior sound transfer, and a lightweight carbon fiber headband for a snug yet comfortable over-ear fit.

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auntdebbie's picture

Love to win these

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These would be nice!

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I never win, but here is my comment....Pick me please!

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I could use a new set of headphones.

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I really need one of those!!

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My headphones are starting to get a little beat up. These look a little newer. I could use a pair of these.

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Can you Hear ME????

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These cans look Marvelous!

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Man these headphones are beautiful. If I could get a pair that would make my year. And it would be a great early Bday present. Thanks for the chance to win HT!

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I could totally use these!!!

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Would love to have a great quality set of head phones to listen to my music. Probably would help alot when I practice my drums.

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I made an account just so I can win these headphones! \o/

Love polk, my whole 7.1 system consists of Polk speakers.

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They look delicious! Can't wait to try them out!

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Please give me!

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Would it be wierd if your headphones cost more than your amp?

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Remembering the old days with Mathew and his lab coat standing next to some SDA-SRS towers...wanted those as much as I want these headphones...

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Gee whiz.

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Hope these sound as good as they look

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Thanks for all you do HOME THEATER!!

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I hope they sound as good as they look!

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Interesting look with the earpiece. Would like to win.

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these look awesome

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Birthday is the 16th..hint! hint!

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i want them!

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Feeling Lucky!!!

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I need these to drown out my boss.

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Looking forward to try it

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My Semicircular Canals are shot (but my Tympanic Cavity works like a champ).

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I would love to win these!. Good luck to all!

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I found a hotdog in my shoe.