Phase Technology Teatro Sound Bars

Phase Technology has introduced two sound bars, the Teatro V-3.0 and Teatro PC-3.0 from their Velocity and Premier Collection. The sound bar shown in the photo is the Teatre PC-3.0. A unique feature of the Phase Tech sound bars is the midrange driver mounted on the sides of the enclosure (see photo) in order to produce a wider soundstage, which it does very effectively. During the first concert video demo I thought I was listening to the floorstanding speakers and not the sound bar. Another unique feature is the EVT (Enhanced Voice Technology) designed to increase dialog intelligibility.

Each Teatro Sound Bar measures 40-inches wide, 7-inches high and 4.5-inches deep. The Velocity Series V-3.0 has 5.25-inch woofers, 1-inch soft dome tweeters with a satin black finish and black grille and sells for $800. The Premiere Collection PC-3.0 has 5.25-inch RPF solid piston woofers, 1.5-inch soft dome midrange drivers, 1-inch soft dome tweeters in a high gloss black finish and black grille and sells for $1200.

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Carlos Gonzalez's picture

Interesting concept and product. Unfortunately Phase Technology company seems not to be interested in selling their products to the public. Attempting to obtain sales information by calling the number under "Distributor and Dealer Contact Information" in their website is useless. An answering system will attend the phone and messages are not responded. The lack of response also applies to requests for information via e-mail through their web site. They should rethink their marketing strategy.

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