The Outlaws Ride Again

With a rack of their familiar gear driving top-of-the-line Atlantic Technologies speakers plus four Outlaw subwoofers, those scoundrels were stealing another show with the best home theater demo at HE 2006. And even if there had been more than three serious home theater demos at the show, they probably still be laughing all the way away from the bank.
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Sasquatch's picture

Tom is correct. This was hands down, the best HT demo at the show. It should be noted however, that the room was a joint effort by Outlaw Audio/Atlantic Technology and SCREEN RESEARCH acoustically transparent projection screens. The screen shown in this shot is the Screen Research Motorized Supreme, 100" wide, 16:9 aspect ratio with ClearPix2 matte white THX and ISF certified woven screen material,with optional black backing, shortened to 2:35 for the cinemascope clip that was used from the movie The Core. This motorized screen was mounted to an portable stand and controlled by an IR remote control. See for details.

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