Oppo gives us a glimpse of their BD player

Oppo Digital is definitely one of our favorite DVD player manufacturers and they gave the show a glimpse of their upcoming Blu-ray player, the BDP-83.

While the player was not a working model Oppo did mention the player will support the full BD profile including BD-Live with onboard storage and Bonus View. The player also supports the SACD format, which is a rarity. Like their recent flagship DVD player, the BDP-83 will feature video processing from Anchor Bay Technologies, the same people responsible for the popular line of DVDO products. Look for coverage on this exciting product from us soon!

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Erwin Neuhof's picture

I'm sure there are millions upon millions of Receiver owners as myself that lack HDMI inputs. Therefore, it would be amazing if this Oppo BDP-S83 had the capability of outputting DVD-Audio, SACD and BLU-RAY all through the 7.1 analog output.

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