Onkyo Unobtanium

Every show we're fated to be teased with a product that isn't sold here in the U.S. These Onkyo D-312E two way stand-mounted speakers, auditioned with the new Onkyo amp and CD player discussed below, impressed me with their lively but not technicolored presentation, at least as heard from a location in the back of a crowed press conference. I hope to get another listen. But they are, as of now, available only in Japan and Europe. Rated at 200W power handling courtesy of a 65mm voice coil on its woofer. The ring tweeter appears to be the same unit used inb the D-TK10, below.
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Dave's picture

Yet again the first part is unreadable. Also true for the top post. I'd like to apply for the position of online copy-editor.

-Shane's picture

My speakers are made of the far more valuable rare-oleum! PS- copy edit that! Dudes- these are Blogs, not fully edited and massaged think pieces.

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