New Product: Paradigm Millenia Speakers

THE NICOLE RICHIE FACTOR They've each got six drivers, an aluminum cabinet, and a precision crossover, but Paradigm's Millenia Series speakers will get noticed first for their rail-thin style - designed to complement (all together now) flat-panel TVs. The Millenia 200 stands 4 feet tall on a glass plinth, and its stiff-yet-light mica-reinforced polypropylene cones are said to produce highly detailed sound.

HOLY HOME THEATER Playing Robin to the Model 200's Batman, the smaller Millenia 20 (not shown) is best-suited for surround- and center-speaker duty. Same costume, though - both are available in either black chrome or polished aluminum finish. Millenia 200, $1,199/pair; Millenia 20, $499 each., 905-632-0180

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