New Product: DVDO iScan VP50 video processor

PREMIUM HIGH-DEF When you've got a killer setup with a giant cutting-edge HDTV, you want some serious video processing, right? DVDO's iScan VP50 has got your number, and it's 1080p, of course. The iScan up-up-(and-away!)-converts all video sources to the new gold standard of HD. What! No 1080p set yet? No worries; the VP50 will adapt to the precise resolution of your display.

PLAY TIME Besides a USB port for upgrades, four HDMI inputs, and tons of image-improving processing (like VRS HD Precision Deinterlacing), the iScan includes two game modes that eliminate any of the lag time you sometimes get with older consoles. Game on! $2,999, 866-423-3836

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