New Company, New Products

The top of the home theater market is a very attractive niche. Scottsdale, AZ-based Accurate Imaging Technologies hopes to establish itself as a major player in the upper end of the market with a series of easy-to-use but no-compromise products. Among them are several new CRT projectors, and an HDTV upconverter. The company plans to introduce high-rez plasma displays and DVD players with SACD compatibility later this year.

Accurate Imaging is dedicated to creating the most realistic picture reproduction possible, according to president and co-founder James Wellnitz. Toward that end, his company's new projectors include: the Ultimate 9 Modular-a two-piece front projection system featuring separate component housings for the CRTs and the electronics, resulting in a smaller footprint for mounting and more flexible design for home theaters; the $50K Ultimate 9-the company's flagship 9" CRT-based projector, featuring automatic convergence and an extensive series of image enhancements; and the $32K Ultimate 8-a similarly equipped projector with 8" CRTs. The next step below the Ultimate 8 is the $25K Accurate 8-"a powerful CRT-based front projector featuring 8-inch tubes and a variety of image enhancing modifications."

Two other offerings are the Ultimate Processor 1R-an HDTV up-converter that "uses an individual microprocessor for every pixel in the image," with a suggested retail price of $45K, and the "X-Modifications"-a complete upgrade of all components in the projector to the highest level for maximum picture performance and long term stability. This upgrade is $10,000, according to a late January announcement.

Accurate Imaging Technologies plans to launch high-performance plasma displays later this year, along with two new disc players---the Accurate Digital Max DVD Player, a state-of-the-art DVD player said to be fully compatible with the both DVD-A and SACD audio formats; and the Accurate Digital One DVD Player. Both players will feature Accurate Imaging's Digital Pathway and are predicted to offer "outstanding audio performance."

Accurate Imaging Technologies was founded by Wellnitz, who assisted in the founding of Kloss Video, Pulsar and Runco, and is former president and CEO of Vidikron of America; and Bob Rosser, one of the nation's most respected custom installers. Mr. Rosser is also President of Ultimate Entertainment and Systems Design, an Arizona-based company specializing in the design and installation of high-performance custom home theater environments. The company intends to bring its "considerable R&D resources and expertise to the project of taking CRT projectors to a new level," company executives stated. Accurate’s phone number in Scottsdale, AZ is 1-480-991-4264.

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