My Friend Bob

After the Cajon Pass, my next favorite stop is Bob's Big Boy Restaurant in Victorville, California for a combination lunch featuring the world's best burger (in my opinion), fries and a salad. Bob's Big Boy was my favorite restaurant until they closed in the 1960s, but recently re-opened to my delight. Bob's Big Boy is known as Shoney's or JB's in other parts of the US but it's the same great food!
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Scott Wilkinson's picture

Back when I was eating burgers—and I'm talking way back there—the Big Boy burger was my favorite as well! That and the burger at Foster's Freeze.

Jeffstra's picture

Amen to the Big Boy. I may have to drive to Victorville. BTW, they didn't close until around 1990 when the company that owns Coco's and Mar ie Callendar's bought them.

David Vaughn's picture

Scott, I worked at a Bob's Big Boy in 1989 in San Jose while I was going to college. I agree, great burgers! David

Fred's picture

Caution: may contain Dr. Evil

Nick Brown's picture

Gary - I didn't realize you were such a culinarian. I've only had Big Boy once but it will not be forgotten.

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