Mitsubishi HC6500

In a strong design departure from its previous projectors, Mitsubishi is introducing the Diamond Series, which dovetails nicely with the company's rear-pro and LCD top-of-the-line series of the same name. The HD6500 (pictured, $2500) claims a dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1, while the HC7000 ($4000) boasts an incredible 72,000:1 thanks to a new iris. Of course, I'll believe it when I see it for myself, but the demo in a semi-dark environment looked pretty good, and from past experience, I expect it to look great in a more controlled environment.
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Matt Stuart's picture

I recently tested the Mitsubishi HC6500, and let me tell you this is one of the best LCD displays, projector or or otherwise that I have ever seen, period. The processing is absolutely perfect, and colors are the most accurate I have seen from an LCD, which tends to be a little on the over saturated side. The auto iris, which was very noticeable on previous Mitsubishi projectors is invisible in it's operation on the HC6500. The auto iris produces gorgeous and deep blacks. The blacks are as good as I have seen not only on a LCD projector but on any sub $5,000 projector. Night skies actually, well, look like night. Deep velvety black, not a hint of gray or discoloring. I have not been able to demo the HC7000, it seems that getting your hands on a HC7000 is pretty difficult. However, I can't imagine how much better the contrast will actually be compared to what I have seen on the HC6500. The HC6500 should definitely be a contender on should be on anyone's shortlist.

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