Marantz SR8002 Receiver

Oh Marantz, why do you put so much goodness in your receivers? 125 watt discrete amplifiers – seven of 'em, 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs (take that "ed"), 3 coaxial and 3 optical digital inputs, Dolby Digital True HD and Dolby Digital Plus decoding, DTS Master Audio decoding, AM/FM/HD radio, XM HD radio. Featuring HDMI 1.3 inputs and outputs, the receiver will repeat out 1080p source signals to the display with no signal loss, as well upconvert composite, s-video and component video to HDMI. Also, the receiver has a case of the massive Toroidal Transformers, which will only hurt your neighbors when you crank things up. I guess with all this goodness, they forgot the phono stage.

$1,999 if you believe the sign at the booth, or $2,099 if you believe the press release. Oops, did I get someone fired?

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Cajun_Mike's picture

Fred, any idea which processor chip they are using? I'm assuming the same as the new Denon's, which is why people are flocking to the Onkyo's. Mike

Dom's picture

Finally 2 hdmi outputs for those of us with projectors.

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