LG Projector with Divx and a Surprise

The HS102 projector from LG brings some new wrinkles to the technology. In particular, it brings new meaning to the definition of a "portable" projector.

The HS102 has a modest native resolution of 800 x 600, and provides switchable 4:3/16:9 ratios. It also sports LG's Phlatlight LED illumination that provides a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and a very modest 150 lumen brightness. More interestingly, it has a built-in Dvix player, and a USB port. So, it's easy to plug and project. But it's most interesting feature is something I've never seen before in a projector . . .

It has a rechargeable battery on board, that allows an unplugged run time of two hours. How portable is that? That explains the very low lumen level. But in a dark space with a small screen, 150 lumen would get the job done. Next time you're camping in the High Sierras, and you're staring at the inside of a tent wall wondering how to pass the time . . .

The HS102 is on sale in South Korea (LG's home turf) for about $555. We don't have word on when or if it will be available in the U.S. -Ken C. Pohlmann

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