I Got Some Good News and . . .

The good news is, owners of the Theta Casablanca can finally get HDMI switching capability (4-in / 1-out). The price? $4,000 provided you're at Casablanca 3 level. To get there from my original Casablanca would add between $3K-$4k to that price. How bad do you want it?
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My understanding is that Theta CB3 HDMI 1.3 audio bitstream/LPCM model will be available hopefully about X-Mas and Theta is hoping for CB3 upgrades about that time though mebbe bit later. This is not just a HDMI switching upgrade. Who cares about that? This is a HDMI 1.3 card which will process for 96-24 or less LPCM and also decode and process the new high resolution audio formats of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS-MA. This is a big deal and much bigger than merely HDMI switching. Will work with Premium, Extreme or Superior II DACs - those with older, lesser DACs will have to upgrade their DACs to get this HDMI 1.3 including audio upgrade. Oh - video will be switched and passed through with no alteration/degradation. This is the news from AVS forum thanks to Ash Sharma and Norm (a Theta Dealer) who went to CEDIA.

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Steve, thanks for your comments. I didn't ask Theta personnel about whether the CBIII would be accepting the HD formats as PCM via the HDMI or whether the processor would actually decode internally (you would hope so considering the price, but it's not critical and, in the case of BD extras, not even necessarily preferrable), my point is, as a CB (original) owner, that you can buy any number of alternatives in today's market. The Theta DACs were outstanding in their day (I have both a superior card and a standard card), but time marches on. If there were enough of us who wanted the upgrade, the price might drop some, but most of us (including me) have long since moved on.

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Fred, Theta has moved on as well, and are now making their Superior II and Extreme DACs which some would say are still among the best currently available. I believe the Editor In Chief of your sister Publication "Home Theater," Shane Buettner, would concur with this. These DACs are capable of handling the new HD Audio Codecs and this addition of an HDMI 1.3a input/decoder card puts Theta's Casablanca III right back at the forefront of HT pre/pro design and Sound Quality.

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Theta's Casablanca III right back at the forefront of HT pre/pro design and Sound Quality.

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