HP becomes the second manufacturer (Samsung being the other) to announce a rear peojection DLP high definition television using the new Photonic Lattice (PhlatLight) technology that makes use of LED elements instead of the usual projection lamp. The 52-inch (diagonal) HP ID5286 is expected to ship in August at $2800 expected retail. Advantages are claimed to be longer life than a projection lamp, instant on/off, richer color saturation, and no color breakup (rainbows) because the sequential red, green, and blue illumination operates much faster than the mechanical color wheel it replaces. The set uses a wobulated chip offering 1080p resolution, with direct input capability for 1080p sources.
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Fred Manteghian's picture

Tom, I'd imagine it was also quieter, not having a fan or a hot white bulb?

Hitch's picture

I just placed an order for this TV from Ingram for $2300.00 CDN I called HP asking about this product and they really dont have information they have not been trained to sell it yet. It will be released in 2 days in the U.S. and with me living in Calgary, I am hoping it will be available sooner than later. Anyways...the order is placed and will have to sit tight and wait for its arrival.

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