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Consumer interest in home theater has grown by almost 1000% in the past year, according to figures published by the Consumer Electronics Association. But how to make sense of the bewildering array of audio and video products out there? Which ones offer the best performance or most features?

The editors at Home Theater have made this daunting exercise easier with the new edition of Home Theater's Buyer's Guide. This $5.99 publication includes specifications and prices for more than 5000 current audio/video products – all arranged in logical categories. It's obvious that the Guide will pay for itself with your first home theater purchase – even if it's nothing more than an entry-level DVD player.

The Buyer's Guide is much more than a list of specs and prices, however. It includes in-depth instructions on setting up a complete home entertainment system, with tips on getting the most from all type of equipment and accessories. At only $5.99, the Guide is unquestionably the biggest bargain in the wide world of home theater. Available online through our secure e-commerce page.

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