Home Theater Geeks Among iTunes Best Podcasts of 2010

I'm pleased and proud to announce that Home Theater Geeks is among iTunes' "Best of 2010" podcasts. It shares this honor with 12 other shows produced by our friends at TWiT, which garnered more entries on the list than any other network—NPR has the next highest number with eight.

The TWiT podcasts in the list are:

Audio: Tech News Today, This Week in Computer Hardware, Home Theater Geeks, NSFW

Video: This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly, TWiT Live Specials, iPad Today, Tech News Today, The Tech Guy, This Week in Google, Windows Weekly

Classic Audio: This Week in Tech

Congratulations to all my TWiT cohorts!

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Jarod's picture

Way to go Scott! I love hearing how successful the podcasts are doing. Here's to another year of the best podcasts on the net!!!

David Vaughn's picture


Congratulations to you and the other hosts on TWiT.

uavtheo's picture

Congratulations Scott and to the entire HTG team. The weekly podcast is simply top notch. It's an award that is well deserved but doesn't surprise me in the least. Keep up the great work.

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