HiSense Offers Its ULED Alternative to OLED

OLED TV. Maybe you’ve heard of it. In the HiSense booth at CES, the company made a point of displaying the lauded technology to great disadvantage. What does it offer as an alternative? ULED.

HiSense’s 65H10C ULED TV is a 65-inch curved, LED-backlit quantum dot LCD that meets the the UHD Alliance specs for HDR, including 1,000 nits brightness. The set has a full array backlight with 600 microdimming zones and will cost $2,799 when it arrives at retailers including Best Buy in the first half of 2016.

Those who follow TV happenings may be aware that HiSense absorbed Sharp Electronics’ American TV biz in 2015. The upshot of that transaction is that Sharp-branded sets will still be manufactured and sold in North America. HiSense in fact had a smallish room located within its booth containing a number of new Sharp sets for 2016. These included the N9000 Series 70-incher, a UHD Alliance HDR spec-meeting set with a full array local dimming backlight. That flat-screen model will be priced at $3,299 when it arrives this spring.

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