HDTV 101

OK, I admit I called this the "Stereophile show" in an earlier Blog. George Lucas didn't release another bad prequel to Star Wars, these people were all "on line" for the HDTV 101 seminar hosted by Home Theater's Geoff Morrison, and featuring UAV's Tom Norton and myself. Yeah, home theater enthusiasts, you came out for us! Thanks!

The crowd was not only big, but inquisitive and engaging. I was particularly struck by a couple of attendees who approached me after the session to tell me how much they had learned by asking us questions directly. There are lots of pieces of info we learn that slip through the cracks of our coverage by not presenting obvious pathways during the course of the focused reviews and feature articles we write.

So, do me a favor and post some response here if you think it would be a benfit if UAV offered a reader letter section or something similar to answer your questions regarding the confusing tangle of technology that's out there right now. If you want it, we'll do it. Convince us!

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Steve's picture

I live in an area that is devoid of home theater dealers and fat with big box stores where I have been unable to find a sales person with enough knowledge to answer my questions. A reader letter section, or something similar, to answer my questions regarding equipment and technology so I can be prepared when I do take that long drive to a home theater store would be great. And to have that advice come from the savvy folks at UAV would be icing on the cake.

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