Featuring Integra

Integra has a range of new AV receivers, but its most interesting introduction is probably the $1600 DTC-9.8 pre-pro. A quick look suggests that it features the same bells and whistles as the company's flagship THX Ultra2 flagship receiver, minus only amplifiers. There's also a matching amplifier, the DTA-9.4, at $3000.

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Cajun_Mike's picture

Tom, did you demand a sample of the pre/pro and amp for a review? That pre/pro has had message boards lit up all summer. Hopefully you will get one in for a review as it's definitely on my wish list. Mike

Tom Norton's picture

Yes, we're hoping to get one in soon.

Michael Meinhardt's picture

Based on Integra's own website, the DTC 9.8 does not actually have the same feature set as the DTR 8.8. Apparently Integra decided to yank some features in order to offer them back in a yet to be announced higher end pre-pro. A couple specifics I know of are, no menu for Reon settings, no Internet radio, and no audio streaming over the Ethernet port. All of those features do exist on the DTR 8.8.

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