Factory Made or DIY

A couple of blogs down I talked about loudspeakers, and alluded to the small but enthusiastic click of hobbyists who choose to make their own, rather than rely on far more expensive commercial designs.

Not all of us are table-saw fiends or skilled designers (few, actually), but when it all comes together you might get something like this. It was produced by two clever Italians, one who built the cabinets, the other who provided the acoustical design skills. And if this looks like a well known and very expensive commercial design, consider that an homage.

Of course, none of us can say by sight just how this actually sounds. The same goes for the custom design in the following blog (which resembles no known commercial speaker--we trust that no aliens were harmed in its construction!). In the case of the model here,the drivers all appear to be top quality Scan Speak units, used only in the most expensive commercial models (both this and the following design use the same Scan Speak ring radiator tweeter).

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Chuck's picture

Having owned a number of commercial speakers I became intrigued by the value offered by DIY, but as I have no woodworking skills (or equipment) I decided to purchase an assembled speaker from Rick Craig at Selah Audio that uses the Scan-Speak woofers you see above with a RAAL Ribbon tweeter (from the company that makes the chimera looking speaker a few posts down). The sound of this design is stellar and in some respects better than my Mar tin Logan Vista's. All for a price about 1/2 of what the Vista's sell for. While not a replacement for the finish and exotic meterials of the ultra high end speakers, the sound per dollar ratio for DIY can certainly be quite high.

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I have built several speakers, my favorite being this design by Jon Mar sh> http://www.htguide.com/forum/showthread.php4?t=13154 It is amazing the technology that is available to the DIY designer, the knowledge and skill of many of these designers, and their willingness to share their design work with those of us who with a table saw and a little building skill. So how is your project coming along Mr. Norton?

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