DVDO iScan Ultra, DreamVision Optimizer, & Focus Enhancements CenterStage CS-1 Three Video Processors Review System

Review System

McIntosh MVP851 DVD-Audio player
Toshiba SD-9200 DVD player
EAD DVDMaster 8000 Pro DVD player
Toshiba SD-3109 DVD player with Cinemetrix video board
SIM2 SVD 800 Millennium CRT projector
Stewart Studiotek 130 screen (91" diagonal, 4:3, 1.3 gain)
Video Cables
VideoQuest S-1 S-video, VSB-1 RCA/coaxial
Synergistic Research Line Doubler (powered)
MonsterVideo HDTV
Monster Power Center 5000 power conditioner
Monster AVS 2000 voltage stabilizer
PS Audio Power Plant 300 power conditioner
Camelot Technologies Dragon 5.1 DVD interface box

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