Does Michael Know You're Here?

Fans of "The Office" would recognize Melora Hardin in a heartbeat as Jan, Michael's boss. "Monk" fans think of her as Trudy #2. And if you're addicted to "Gilmore Girls," the just completed season had Melora playing what we all hope will be a regular role on the series. Bet you didn't know she was an amazing singer though, did you?

Dressed in a red dress and pulling from a bag of props with accessories to fit each song (like a raincoat and rain hat that made her look as if she'd stepped out of Humphrey Bogart movie), torch singer Melora Hardin drenched us in a series of playful and sensual numbers that left the audience wrapped around her little finger.

I met her briefly after the show when she signed CDs for her newly converted throng of fans and she is even more charming up close.

Here's lookin' at you, kid.

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Kraig Bailey's picture

I did a google search and came up empty. Where can I buy Melora's CD?

Fred Manteghian's picture

Kraig, I checked my link in the article - and the server won't redirect it for some reason. So while I figure that out, you can go her site directly: And then click on "Listen" and instructions for where to mail your $17.50 are provided. She signs them too. Here's the address: Dancing Moon Productions P.O. Box 2081 Toluca Lake CA 91610

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