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Snell Acoustics

In-wall subwoofers are great, but getting to that control panel can be a pain. Snell Acoustics' SPA200 external subwoofer amplifier is designed specifically for use with the company's passive in-wall subs. The 19-inch, rack-mountable amp delivers a rated 200 watts at 4 ohms of continuous power. The SPA200 features a variable low-pass filter, variable level control, and a 0-/180-degree phase switch. A stereo line-level input and an LFE line-level crossover bypass are also included. The SPA200 is available for a suggested price of $600.
Snell Acoustics
(978) 538-6262

Triad Speakers
Audio enthusiasts may thumb their noses at in-ceiling speakers, thinking they won't deliver the same quality sound as floorstanding loudspeakers. Triad's InCeiling Gold/8 MiniMonitor loudspeaker ($1,900) may end that type of thinking. The speaker uses a rigid, inert, sealed enclosure to provide bass response that purportedly extends below 50 hertz. The speaker has a small footprint and angled baffle, and the sound is directed through a flush grille. The sealed enclosure also protects the drivers and crossover components from moisture, dust, and settling construction materials.
Triad Speakers
(800) 666-6316

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