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Prices of HD plasmas are coming down, but let's face it, folks: Those prices are still too high for a lot of us. Looking for a solution that'll offer you a great picture, a slim, attractive design, and a price that won't put you in the poor house? Give Fujitsu's P42VHA40US Plasmavision display a look. This 42-inch-diagonal EDTV has a native resolution of 852 by 480, a 4000:1 contrast ratio, and a range of input options, including S-video, component video, and HDMI. This model also debuts Fujitsu's Advanced Video Movement-II digital video processor. The P42VHA40US retails for $3,999, and Fujitsu offers optional accessories, such as a desktop stand, a wall-mount bracket, and speakers at an additional charge.
(888) 888-3424


In the market for an HTIB system? Get out and audition Sherwood's Hollywood at Home package, which combines solid features, beautiful design, and a price you can live with. The four-piece Hollywood at Home VR-670 system consists of a DVD console, a pair of two-way satellite speakers, and a powered subwoofer. The console offers CD and DVD playback with progressive-scan output capability, built-in decoding for DTS and Dolby Digital, and inputs and outputs for two additional sources. The sweeping design looks great paired with a plasma and is available in matte black or the high-gloss silver finish shown here. The VR-670 retails for $400.
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