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MoDesign (Monster, LLC)
Are you looking to house your various electronics in a way that will add to your room's décor rather than detract from it? MoDesign's $2,500 Audio/Video Component Tower 6000, part of their Centra line of home theater consoles, is made with a smoked-black-tinted glass door and sleek, lustrous wood. If you don't like the glass, wooden doors with either a light- or deep-cherry finish are also available separately. The unit is functional, too. According to MoDesign, a dual-fan cooling system helps your components perform as they should, and the glass door is specially designed not to interfere with signals from remote controls. The Monster Cable Management System helps keep your cables neatly organized.
MoDesign (Monster, LLC)
(866) 563-6388

Not all home theaters can easily house a large speaker setup. That's why Paradigm offers three compact speaker systems utilizing technology found in their high-end Monitor Series. All three are 5.1-channel systems. The affordable Cinema 70 package ($499) offers four satellite speakers, a center channel, and a subwoofer. The Cinema 90 system ($649), pictured here, uses left and right speakers that are slightly larger than the Cinema 70's satellites, and the two surrounds are the same size as the Cinema 70's satellites. The Cinema 90's subwoofer is also larger and more powerful. The Cinema 110 system ($799) further increases the sub's power, and this system employs a larger center channel.
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