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Salamander Designs
Salamander Designs calls their TC2 theater chair a handsome, contemporary version of the movie-house original; but, if you ask us, these chairs look a hundred times more comfy than the seats we cram ourselves into at the local megaplex. The TC2 is available in sleek midnight-black leather and features a recliner mechanism, footrest, and adjustable headrest. It's the TC2's arm options that make this chair customizable for use in the home theater. Every arm has an integrated drink holder, made of either silver or black anodized aluminum. If you're interested in creating a curved row of seats, as seen here, Salamander offers wedge-shaped inner-arm pieces. An optional tactile sound transducer and push-button motorized recline mechanism are available as options. Each individual TC2 costs $1,299.
Salamander Designs
(888) 224-4113

When Integra jumps in, they jump in headfirst. The company introduces their first set of home theater separates, the THX Ultra 2–certified, 7.1-channel DTC-9.4 pre/pro and seven-channel DTA-9.4 amplifier. The $2,000 pre/pro (pictured here) includes a touchscreen LCD remote, balanced XLR outputs for all channels, and Integra's Net-Tune Ethernet connection, which lets you play back digital music files over your home computer network. On the inside, you'll also find dual 32-bit DSPs and 24-bit/192-kilohertz digital-to-analog converters. The DTA-9.4 amplifier offers 120 watts into seven channels at 8 ohms and sells for $3,000. If you've always been a receiver kind of person, go ahead and take the plunge. These components' sleek look and small footprint make them ideal for a separates first-timer.
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