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For those of you with large-scale installation needs who can't get enough bass, Genelec's new HTS6 active subwoofer could be what you're looking for. The HTS6 features four 12-inch drivers, low-distortion amplifiers, and a rated frequency response of 19 to 120 hertz. All of the sub's electronics—active filters, driver-overload protection circuits, and power amplifiers—are housed in the cabinet. The sub's level and phase controls help ensure that you'll get a coherent match with your speakers, regardless of their location in the room. With the Link Out connector, you can couple two or more subs together for higher sound pressure levels. This sub certainly isn't cheap ($9,500), but bass this big is truly priceless.
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Empower's new EM2100 power conditioner powers and protects analog and digital systems via the company's patented, non-current-limiting True Series-Mode technology. Like all of Empower's products, the EM2100 incorporates the industry's only proven protection against equipment damage from surges and transients, according to the company. Impedance-tolerant filtering eliminates power-line noise, and ICE circuitry controls damaging turn-on transients. For optimal system connectivity, you'll find 14 hospital-grade outlets and a JPS power cord. The EM2100 ($1,799) offers sequencing and remote-control interfacing with AMX, Crestron, and other control systems.
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