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Atlantic Technology
The motto may already be taken, but we think Atlantic Technology ought to steal "Have it your way" from a certain fast-food chain. The THX Ultra 2–certified System 8200 is all about customization. This modular speaker system includes the 8200 LR three-way front speaker, the 8200 C three-way center channel, the 8200 SR bipole/dipole surround speaker, and the 8200 PedWoofer, a 12-inch subwoofer that's powered by the external SA 8200 amp. You can mate the 8200 LR with the 8200 PedWoofer to create a powered tower. Or, if you just want the look of tower speakers, you can get an empty pedestal to place under the 8200 LR or 8200 SR. Every piece is finished in Atlantic Tech's duraBlac speckled lacquer finish, and you can choose from accent-panel kits in high-gloss black lacquer, natural maple, oiled cherry, natural mahogany, or unfinished MDF that you can finish any way you please. Depending on the options you choose, the System 8200 can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $18,000.
Atlantic Technology
(781) 762-6300

Extra! Extra! B&W's got a new driver! The Kevlar-resin-impregnated driver, which yields a low-mass, high-strength diaphragm, is now available in B&W's ASW-850 subwoofer. The ASW-850 is a 1,000-watt powered sub that houses a 15-inch driver, which, according to B&W, produces more-intense, dynamic, and deeper bass than any of their previous subs. With a response rating that extends down to 18 Hz, you'd better believe it. The sub's input circuitry offers two different bass-rolloff settings that let you optimize the sub's performance for either maximum extension or maximum peak output, depending on your room, your source material, or just your personal preference. The $3,000 ASW-850 shown here is finished in red-stained cherry; the sub is also available in black ash and natural cherry.
(800) 370-3740

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