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Music servers can be so high-maintenance. Why not ditch yours and explore a new, less-demanding relationship with Conextion System's Digital Ambience 1010 server? The Digital Ambience 1010 is powered by Omnilala software and does not require complex CD-ROM installations or a Windows-based computer. This is a self-configuring, Linux-based server with dual 200-gigabyte hard drives that manages your music collection and can play different music in multiple rooms. It also features an auto-synchronized backup device that will keep your music playing without interruption in the event of a drive failure. The Digital Ambience 1010's suggested retail price is $2,499.
Conextion Systems
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Nothing sets the mood in your home theater like that elusive, perfect lighting level. With the Maestro IR Remote Control Dimmer from Lutron, all you have to do is find that level once, save it by pressing and holding the one-touch button on the remote, and presto: perfect lighting every time. The infrared remote, which also features a raise/lower button for fine-tuning your light levels, works up to 30 feet away from the dimmer. The Maestro IR has screw terminals, and rumor has it that you can install this baby yourself in less than 15 minutes. When was the last time $40 bought you so much convenience?
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