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MartinLogan's Cinema i center-channel speaker builds on the same foundation as the company's Cinema center channel, but it incorporates some new technologies and a supercool industrial design. The speaker includes ClearSpar technology, which is said to enhance the Cinema i's transparent aesthetic and increase both efficiency and dynamics. MartinLogan's MicroPerf design is also aboard. In this design, the stator's individual holes are smaller, which allows for more open space compared with that of the traditional ESL transducer. This 37-pound speaker is ergonomically friendly, too. Using its included stand, you can mount it on your display, on the wall, on the ceiling, or even on the floor. Just use the incorporated handgrips to aim the speaker at the listening position. This versatile center channel costs $1,795.
(785) 749-0133

Texas Instruments has got a new 1,024-by-576 DLP chipset called the Matterhorn, and Runco's CL-510 is the first DLP projector to use it. Since the Matterhorn is a 16:9 chip that makes the CL-510 an ideal projector to use for viewing DVDs and other wide-aspect-ratio sources. The Matterhorn chip isn't the only thing the CL-510 has going for it, though. This projector uses a sophisticated color-balancing system that's said to produce outstanding gray-scale tracking. The results are purportedly rich, deeply saturated color reproduction, as well as superior black-level and white-level performance. You'll also find Runco's proprietary integrated video processing/scaling inside, in addition to a discrete IR remote and a full-command RS-232 interface. You get one mountain of a package for $5,995.
(510) 324-7777

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