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For many DVD enthusiasts, finding the space for a constantly growing collection is a serious concern. That's why MMDesign has invented DiscSox DVD Pro Sleeves, which retail in packs of 25 for $25.95. These thin vinyl holders each have space for two discs and a DVD booklet, and they reduce the physical volume of your collection by one-fifth. The soft material inside the sleeves helps protect your discs from scratching. The DiscSox 12-inch trays are priced at $11.95 and make it easy to flip through your DVDs to browse or quickly find the particular movie you are looking for. MMDesign also provides dividers and labels so that you can create your own organizational system.
MMDesign Studio International
(888) 347-2769


Need to rev up your home theater? Add a jolt of color with ReQuest's AudioRequest Fusion F400P digital music system. This special-edition model, also known as the Little Red ReQuest, is available in a stunning, glossy red finish. Inside, you'll find a 400-gigabyte drive that lets you store, organize, and access your music by song title, artist, album, genre, or by personal playlists. It supports MP3 compressed audio at all bitrates, as well as the uncompressed WAV and FLAC formats, and it integrates seamlessly with Apple's iPod/iTunes. The Little Red ReQuest is available for a limited time at a retail price of $8,000.
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