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It's pretty. It's functional. It's Lowell/Edwards' Asymmetric Wall Unit. This elegant unit manages an entire A/V system. The central section is a matte-black-lacquered cabinet that houses all of your components, and you can add drawers to the 36-inch-high granite countertop to hold remotes, software, or whatever you like. The right section of the unit features a platform that can accommodate up to a 32-inch-diagonal display and swivels 180 degrees. Other nice perks are handsome display shelves, cherry-veneer pocket doors that open to reveal a dry bar, and space for three small monitors to suspend from the lower of the two horizontal top panels. This simply beautiful wall unit retails for $12,500.
(212) 980-2862

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and, in MartinLogan's case, that statement rings both true and false. The new-generation Aeon i loudspeaker has all of the original Aeon's best qualities and incorporates some improvements of its own. At just 10 inches wide and 16 deep, the Aeon i has a footprint of less than 1 square foot, so you can easily fit it into a tight corner. It has a new Generation 2 stat panel that's said to provide more-efficient output from the speaker's transducer, as well as a new bass-reflex aluminum woofer. On the outside, the Aeon i comes with MartinLogan's classic spikes and a tougher, semi-gloss-black cabinet finish. The Aeon i costs $3,295, and a variety of hand-finished trim options are available.
(785) 749-0133

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