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According to Soundations, their F Series support furniture technology requires no shelving, so components appear to be suspended in the air, for a high-end, aesthetically pleasing look. The gear is held by finger-like grips, which you can adjust along the rack in a number of different heights to accommodate almost any gear. This clamping method also helps to eliminate chassis resonance. The F Series includes hi-fi racks, home theater racks, and speaker stands. The F1 home theater rack pictured here measures 29.5 inches high by 23.6 wide by 19.7 deep and is available for $999.
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High-resolution, multichannel audio just sounds better. The best way to make sure you're receiving the ultimate in high-resolution audio is to use the right cables. WireWorld's new Rainbow 5.1 analog cables connect your DVD-Audio/-Video or SACD player to your receiver or processor. These cables are color-coded, with marked terminations that make installation simple. They're built to order, so you get the exact length you need. Choose from either RCA or DB-25 multipin connectors. The Rainbow 5.1 package includes six individual cables; each cable uses 32 strands of silver-clad, oxygen-free copper wire and Teflon insulation. Pricing begins at $125 for a 19.685-inch set.
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