Blu-ray Booming Across the Pond

Ever wonder how Blu-ray is doing in other countries? According to the Blu-ray Disc Association, Europeans are taking up Blu-ray much faster than they embraced DVD after its introduction.

In Blu-ray's first three years, it has outsold DVD by five times over the same time period. Pretty impressive considering how much better DVD was compared to VHS. Folks are saying that people, at least stateside, aren't adopting Blu-ray supposedly because it's not a drastic improvement over DVD.

The numbers are pretty impressive:

British numbers from November were up 165% from the previous month - they bought 462,500 discs last month. Overall, European sales were up 320%, with 6.5 million discs sold. Just wow.

Let us know if you can figure out why Europeans are embracing Blu-ray so much more so than Americans? What's wrong with us?

Blu-ray Disc Association

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