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According to the company:

With the advent of flat panel TVs, soundbars have become staples in home theater design. But finding a way to integrate that soundbar seamlessly into your overall system display has proven tricky. The CAVO flat panel TV console directly addresses this need and is the latest home theater innovation from BDI.

Designed by Matthew Weatherly, the clever frame-within-a-frame design provides a wide, open top platform that is the perfect home for a soundbar. Not only does it provide adequate space for these long, narrow speakers, the open platform evenly and completely disperses sound, providing the best audio experience available with a soundbar system.


The inner frame of CAVO houses electronic components on adjustable shelves, neatly concealed behind IR-friendly tempered-glass doors with soft-close hinges. Open side compartments provide additional space for easy access to a game console and/or media. Integrated wire management channels keep cables organized, and removable panels in the back allow for easy access to wires and connections, making setup and maintenance of your system a breeze. Flow-through ventilation slots in the base, shelves and back keep air moving and promote component life.

BDI is pleased to give one lucky reader the CAVO 8168 in the finish of his or her choice—natural walnut, graphite and espresso stained oak. This model is 27″ high and 58″ wide and safely accommodates up to a 60″ flat panel TV. The 8168’s slim design (only 16″ deep) makes it perfect for medium-sized home theater systems or anyplace space is limited.


CAVO, like all BDI products, is as hardworking as it is attractive, with adjustability and accessibility playing a key role in the design. All BDI products are unique, functional and beautiful pieces that enrich the home environment, seamlessly integrating technology into the living space with thoughtful, purposeful design. Visit to learn more about CAVO and all of BDI’s home theater, office and other premium furniture products.

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Darth Forrest's picture

I used to work for Sony and we sold BDI furniture in our store and every piece was beautiful, practical, and well-built. Anyone who is fortunate enough to win this would be extremely lucky!

BennyB's picture

Used to work for a premium HiFi shop, sold tons of BDI and I love their furniture. Well built units, would be thrilled to replace to junker I am using now. Please pick me.

willdao's picture

This would look nice--mi casa, su casa!

av2806's picture

BDI a/v furniture is second to none!Would love to win this unit!

ARagz's picture

I would love to move out of my W*** M*** cabinet from way back.

chrishock's picture

Love it...beautiful design!

panda08's picture

just what i need

Nafster's picture

Congrats to the very lucky winner in advance. Use in good health. Cheers!

Mister Leadfoot's picture

Actually like the current design of the website.

Jdflyer's picture

i would so like to have this.

meiztg's picture

Great looking piece all the BDI stuff is well designed.

IIIHobbs's picture


duskdrums's picture

Would love to get this!

bones265's picture

very nice addition if I win

modesto66's picture

Can't wait to move my plasma onto this new BDI cabinet.

jpclement's picture

This would look very very good in my TV room under my 65" Samsung. Smartly designed too.

tueltschi's picture

Im feelin lucky!

mikerr's picture

Very cool and much needed. Thank You~

Thxtheater2's picture

BDI furniture is premium stuff. Great.

olsonan's picture

...very good looking too.

bluextatic's picture

I have seen BDI furniture and it is top notch.

Mikeachriste's picture


mkopel's picture

This would be perfect for the media room we are finishing!

kwantis's picture

I sure wouldn't mind putting this in my living room

samchitwood's picture

great product, thanks.

Ellefty's picture

This would be a great addition for my tiny living room, would fit great at only 16 inches deep. beautiful piece BDI!!!

fhinds's picture

Would look real nice in my TV room.

Vintage33's picture

My wife and I were looking at the Goldenear Series 7, and she mentioned that the center speaker was huge, I said that BDI makes the right cabinet, for any musical arrangement, that includes the larger center speakers that require a custom cabinet style, I would love to have one in house(she paid me no attention as usual)

jds5445's picture

I've been looking for a birthday gift for my mother and this would be perfect to replace her rickety old entertainment center that doesn't quite fit her new TV.

chicago25624's picture

I like it. Clean and simple. If the Sound quality is there. Winner


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