Atlantic Technology System 8200

Norwood, MA-based - Atlantic Technology has introduced a flexible high-performance multichannel speaker system boasting THX Ultra 2 certification. The new 8200 THX Ultra2 speaker system is said to offer "the highest levels of performance" while providing a wide array of customization options and sonic adjustments.

The 8200's modular approach allows each speaker to be adjusted according to its placement in the listening environment. It also allows customizing the look of the speakers to suit the room. Basic System 8200 speakers come finished in "duraBlac"™, Atlantic’s matte black “speckled” lacquer finish, for installation inside cabinets or behind screen or curtains.

These enclosures can be fitted with optional high-gloss black lacquer or wood veneer accent panels to match any décor. Panels are available in black lacquer, natural maple, oiled cherry, natural mahogany, and unfinished MDF that can be finished to match any décor. Smoked glass tops are available for the 8200 LR and PedWoofer kits, as are empty pedestals for those who choose to use the 8200 LR's without the bass enhancement.

8200 series front channel speakers can be configured as three-way monitors, or as full-range tower speakers by mounting the 8200 LR front speakers on the 8200 PED Pedestal Woofers™. The 8200 C three-way center channel completes the front array, and the switchable 8200 SR dipole/bipole handles surround/ambience duties. Low bass can be generated from the traditional 8200 box-style powered subwoofer and/or by the PedWoofers™ driven by a dedicated outboard 350-Watt-per-channel servo controlled amplifier. The servo amp features dual parametric equalizers for exceptional bass control and optimization, completing the unique custom-configurable aspect of the System 8200. The system is the first to emerge from AT's "custom optimized room enhanced" ("CORE") design philosophy.

“The Atlantic Technology System 8200 demonstrates that it is possible to approach the outer limits of the state of the art in multi-channel sound without having to pay the price equivalent of a new luxury car,” said AT president, Peter Tribeman. “We have seen some very high-end custom home theaters with $100,000 speaker systems that, practically speaking, would be hard pressed to substantially exceed the performance of our new system at one tenth the cost. It’s certainly not an overstatement to say that this system will outperform most competing speaker systems simply because it works with the room and source material as opposed to against them!”

The Atlantic Technology System 8200 will be available in January 2003 at system prices ranging from $6000 to $18,000, depending on configuration and finishing options.

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