Arcici Turntables

Known primarily for high-end equipment racks, Italian Arcici also makes some beautiful turntables. Shown here is the Alba with Lyla tonearm, the least expensive model that retails for 14,000 euro (about $19,500 as of this writing), and like the other Arcici turntables, all setup instruments and gauges are included.

Next up the food chain is the La Luce, shown here with a Lyla tonearm in a package that will set you back 16,000 euro (about $22,400 as of this writing). As with all Arcici turntables, the transparent acrylic platter's mass and inertia are increased by embedding stainless-steel weights around the periphery.

At the top of the heap is the Centoventi, another non-suspended design driven by a soft belt and a standalone motor. This model is made to order only—with a six-month waiting list—and the price depends on several factors, so the company did not quote a price for this article, but you can bet it ain't cheap.

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NoStrings's picture

These have been manufactured for years by the company La Luce, and I believe that Arcici is simply a distributor of their line. One things certain, they are good looking.

Jarod's picture

Sweet, Italion audio gear! Going from equipment racks to turntables is a bit of a leap. Good find!

Timian's picture

I've appreciated the Arcici Imperial line of equipment racks for years, though I had absolutely no idea they also manufactured turntables. And what a clever tie in that is: it makes perfect sense that a company with extensive knowledge of and experience in vibration damping would turn to making LP turntables, where vibration and stability are the name of the game. Neat!

Timian's picture

Oops! Not sure how that happened.

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