Aperion Gets Centered

Aperion Audio showed this new, larger center channel speaker. Added to its current line of value-priced, Internet-marketed speakers, and designed for a better match to the company's other 600-series speakers, the $495 634-VAC uses larger drivers for both bass and midrange than the Aperion's smaller, 500-series center speaker. It's a 3-way design for off-axis performance that should be superior to most comparably-priced, 2-way center channel designs, and its adjustablle crossover can compensates for use on a stand, in a cabinet, or on top of a big-screen TV.
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Bob Holo's picture

Tom, Thank you very much for making time to visit us at the HE show ? it was a pleasure as always. We were excited to undertake the challenge of producing a top of the line center channel speaker capable of providing full-range power and accuracy at a value price point. Veteran speaker designer Ken Humphreys and team knocked the cover off the ball on this design and we received a lot of interest and pre-orders at the show. We look forward to seeing you again next year with more exciting innovations and in the interim your readers can find more information about Aperion speakers such as the 634VAC center channel and our sleek but powerful new 533T tower speaker at our website: www://aperionaudio.com. Again, thanks much for your time and attention, we greatly appreciate both. Bob Holo, Product Mar keting Manager, AperionAudio.com

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