Aerial Goes Wide

Aerial prez and designer Michael Kelly stands next to a version of his company's impressive System 1. it's shown here for the first time with a 2.35:1 screen, which may be flat or curved, masked or unmasked.

The System 1 is a multichannel system that surrounds the screen to form an integrated unit for the left, center, and right channel speakers. It's only 12" deep. Spacers can tailor it to form fit virtually any screen size. The system may be disassembled in a future move, rather than abandoning an expensive built-in to the house's new owners. A similar, smaller system, designed to work with flat panel displays 60" or larger, is said to be in development for a future release.

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David Vaughn's picture

I wonder what my wife would think if I tried to put this in our family room covering all of the windows on our wall?

Tom Norton's picture

Not to worry. I believe the system can be configured for a retractable screen. If the windows will fit behind it in the screen opening, and you have blackout drapes to keep the light fron shining through the screen, you'll be all set!

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