Aerial Acoustics Slims Down

While Aerial Acoustics' speakers aren't candidates for the bargain basement, they do have a reputation for great sound and solid engineering. The new 6T ($6000) is a thinner and relatively more affordable sibling to the company's 7T (just under $10,000). (All of the speaker prices I list in this and other blog posts are per pair unless stated otherwise, or unless the subject is a center channel speaker).

Their sound was impressive, including tight bass from a pair of 150mm woofers per side (though the material Aerial played didn't test the nether regions beyond a bass drum), crisp imaging, and a neutral balance.

All we can wish for now from Aerial is a center channel compatible with the 6T and 7T. Aerial has center channels in its current lineup, but hasn't introduced anything new in that product category for almost 10 years.

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