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Al Griffin Posted: Oct 13, 2016 2 comments
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Q My audio setup consists of a Yamaha RX-A3030 receiver, M&K speakers with 2 Paradigm front effect speakers, and a Velodyne sub. Although I’m in my late 70s and have trouble hearing high frequencies, regular TV broadcasts sound clear on the system. Movie dialogue, on the other hand, sounds muted and is difficult to understand when I watch DVDs or Blu-rays. What steps can I take to make movie dialogue match what I hear with regular broadcast TV? —Bill Vandervoort, Chanute, KS

Al Griffin Posted: Oct 12, 2016 0 comments
2D Performance
3D Performance
PRICE $549

Good value
Decent overall performance
Capable of high brightness
Brightness limits color accuracy
So-so contrast

While it’s not without compromises, the SP1080 delivers good overall home theater image quality for its very low price.

A home theater projector is designed for permanent installation in a light-controlled environment. A mini projector is meant for giving business presentations or toting to a vacation home. What is the line that separates the two categories? Until recently, it was price: A typical home theater model started at around $1,000 and shot up from there. But the InFocus ScreenPlay SP1080 seems intended to blur that line: It’s priced at a mere $549, or the same amount you’d pay for a high-quality mini projector. Consequently, home theater projection has now become almost absurdly cheap. But is this new InFocus any good? Let’s take a look.

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Hate your cable company? You’ll love this story...
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Aftermaster Audio Labs has announced that the crowd-funded, Justin Timberlake-backed Aftermaster Pro portable audio remastering device we wrote about earlier this year is now in production.

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The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and AllSeen Alliance have joined forces to “advance interoperability between connected devices from both groups, enabling the full operating potential of IoT and representing a significant step towards a connected ecosystem.”
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Thomas J. Norton Posted: Oct 11, 2016 3 comments
I’m a huge fan of the movie Oblivion. But is it a Guilty Pleasure or a Hidden Treasure? It received a mixed critical reception when it hit theaters in 2013, and many sci-fi fans and film critics found it derivative.

But who is really surprised when a film borrows ideas and plot tropes from past films and literature...

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More Americans than ever before—68 percent, or roughly 170 million people—plan to buy technology gifts this holiday season, a 6 percent increase over last year, according to new research from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).
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Marantz has announced plans to ship two new flagship products by the end of the month: the 9.2-channel SR7011 AV receiver and 11.2-channel AV7703 AV processor, each priced at $2,199.

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You wouldn’t think you’d have to think twice about something like this with a reputable retail chain, but Best Buy was implicated last week by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for selling recalled products instead of removing them from store shelves.
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TV Everywhere apps let you view pay-TV content your way—whether your way is a computer, tablet, or phone. But it’s a pain to sign in for each app you use.