Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jan 05, 2016 1 comments
Although you might mistake the company’s name, Beddit, for something likely to be sold in an adult video store, the Beddit Smart Sleep Tracker isn’t all fun and games. In fact, the new Beddit Smart Sleep Tracker is super-serious about helping you get a good night’s sleep—and get even better sleep as time goes on.
Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jan 05, 2016 1 comments
Sure, it's not our normal beat. But who wouldn't want a Candy Crush scented phone case...?
Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jan 05, 2016 1 comments
One of Sengled’s tag lines is “Be Surprised”; and if you had walked into CES Unveiled on Monday evening without a clue as to who or what Sengled is, you’d have been quite surprised at what the LED smart bulb maker has been up to over the past 12 months.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 05, 2016 0 comments
In a pre-Press Day announcement released hours before its scheduled press conference, LG said the OLED 4K TVs it’s introducing this week at CES 2016 will exceed the “Ultra HD Premium” technical specifications announced last night by the Ultra HD Alliance (UHDA).
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 04, 2016 0 comments
CES, the mother of all consumer technology shows is upon us. The show officially opens Wednesday, January 6 and runs through Saturday, January 9 but our coverage begins tomorrow (Tuesday, January 5), a day packed with wall-to-wall press conferences. Expect news from a number of the majors, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 04, 2016 4 comments
Not to be outdone by Samsung’s “SUHD” TVs, LG announced that it will introduce a new line “Super UHD” TVs at CES 2016, which opens Wednesday in Las Vegas.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 04, 2016 0 comments
Samsung announced plans to introduce a Dolby Atmos-enabled 5.1.4-channel soundbar system and a new smart TV interface at CES, which opens Wednesday in Las Vegas.
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Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 02, 2016 6 comments
It’s that time of year to make resolutions. How about for this year, we aim to be better A/V enthusiasts and put some of last year’s exclusionary nastiness behind us.

Here’s what I mean.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jan 01, 2016 5 comments
Has concertgoing become a lost art? Observing behavior at concerts, I can't help wondering if some of my fellow audience members have lost the ability to listen in the moment. And the music suffers for it.

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Steve Guttenberg Posted: Dec 31, 2015 0 comments

Build Quality
PRICE $1,190

Hybrid dynamic/electrostatic design
Brilliant high-resolution sound!
Wide open imaging
The relatively stiff cable is kinky

The EnigmAcoustics Dharma D1000 seamlessly melds dynamic and electrostatic drivers to produce ultra high-resolution sound.

Even though I was hearing good reports from friends about the EnigmAcoustics Dharma D1000 hybrid electrostatic/dynamic headphone, I was still more than a bit skeptical about how successful the blending of its two drivers could be. AKG made hybrid dynamic/electrostatic headphones in the late 1970s. I auditioned a pair just a few years ago and heard the electrostatic tweeter and dynamic driver as two separate sound sources. Thankfully, the Dharma D1000 aced the blend—the two drivers sound like one.