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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jan 13, 2013 0 comments
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Barb Gonzalez Posted: Jan 12, 2013 1 comments
Manufacturers showed Google TVs and Google TV players with cool new updates and apps slated to roll out by the end of January.
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Barb Gonzalez Posted: Jan 12, 2013 0 comments
Roku Ready TVs added to Hisense and Westinghouse Digital's 2013 models.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jan 12, 2013 0 comments
Sookbox showed off a prototype of their modestly priced high-performance home media “personal cloud” server/computer in the Eureka Park section of the Venetian. Sookbox is designed to take all of your media content – whether it’s your personal media, a subscription service, or media available for free from the internet – and host it on a single, unified framework so you can access it anywhere using a smartphone or tablet and allow you to play that content on any target device. Sookbox says it’s different from the typical media server product because of three things: the Sookbox software includes a true internet browser that eliminates the need for proprietary apps; the Sookbox framework devices are all IP addressable and globally accessible; and the Sookbox control app is open-source API, something which will hopefully encourage a great deal of creative development by other companies and even users. The main components of the Sookbox include the Sookbox Server with four HDMI outputs, 16 analog audio outputs, 1.5 TB storage capacity, simultaneous multizone delivery of content, and more. The Sookbox Stream Runner is a small, black-box-style device that provides two-way IP connectivity along with an HDMI connection for a display, 3.5 mm analog audio output, and built-in Wi-Fi. Sookbox says an unlimited number of Stream Runners can connect with any one Sookbox Server. The Sookbox Software is what glues the system together, includes a built-in browser, is iOS, Android, and Windows compatible, and allows for gaming without a location-dependent console. Pricing and final form factor hasn’t been determined, but 50 beta units will go into production later this month.
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Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 12, 2013 0 comments

Never underestimate the power of a good demo. There's some sort of magic mix of twisting expectations and cleverly revealed reality that sticks with the audience for years. Bose gets this, with their "but it's just these small speakers!" reveal. Pioneer nailed it with the "this TV is also on" KURO demo.

DTS might have done it with their Headphone X demo at CES.

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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Jan 12, 2013 0 comments
Last year, one of the highlights of CES were the ivee voice-controlled talking radio and alarm clocks. This CES, ivee announced it’s tired of being just a bedtime companion. Later this year, ivee will introduce the ivee Sleek, a Wi-Fi, voice-activated intelligent “assistant” that can use natural language understanding, machine learning, and Wolfram Alpha’s computational knowledge engine to answer basic questions (regarding weather, stocks, or other internet-available information), obey commands (set alarms, reminders, and timers), and control a variety of Wi-Fi devices (thermostats, lights, security systems, etc.) ivee says the small, tabletop Sleek “assistant” will even be able to communicate with the super-slick Nest thermostat – something that most automation systems can’t do. The $199 ivee Sleek is available for preorder now and is scheduled to being shipping in May. (If you have any additional questions, you’ll have to ask ivee’s Sleek…)


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