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We really wanted to invite all of you to our 2007 Editors' Choice Awards, 64 stories above Vegas. But then somebody said something about "fire codes," and that was that.

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Except for the color bursting from the reception-area movie posters - The Double Life of Veronique, Black Orpheus, and the Beastie Boys Video Anthology among them - the Criterion Collection's new Park Avenue South headquarters in Manhattan are styled in the same palette as many of the films that the company painstakingly restores and releases on DVD: black and white, with profound gray area

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Chris Wyllie has had his share of tough missions. As a Navy SEAL from 1994 to 2000, he was dispatched to the Persian Gulf, where he drove high-speed cigarette boats, supervised military electronics, and gathered photo intelligence.

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It was an epic effort requiring superhuman vision and hearing and, above all, heroic resolve. For in order to download the high-definition version of Superman Returns onto Microsoft's Xbox 360 at the Sound & Vision video lab, I, too, would have to return - and return, and return ...

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"Oh God - how trite," Howard Stern once told him. "Every guy in radio collects old radios."

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The job would have to be done at midnight. That's when Mission: Impossible III was debuting at Manhattan's Ziegfeld theater. The six bootleggers didn't always have to wait until a movie opened to the public. Sometimes they'd get into private screenings, courtesy of a scalper who'd sell them tickets for a few hundred dollars.

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The Tower Records store at New York City's Lincoln Center isn't seeing particularly heavy foot traffic these days. Stopping by, I find just a shopper or two per aisle - pretty typical, a saleswoman says. And the customer demographic seems a bit on the mature side - hovering around 30 or older. Where are all the Rihanna- and AFI-loving kids?

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In part one we asked if the compact disc was dead. Here we offer a timeline of the Compact Disc's history - and prehistory - from 180 years ago to the present.

The 1800s

The Big Bang? Beethoven! In a way, it all begins with his Symphony No. 9 (see 1979).

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True, it's not as cool a user experience as moving holographic frames in midair, like Tom Cruise did in Minority Report. But admit it: You get the slightest thrill when you work a touchscreen. And if that screen just happens to be built into a remote control, well, you feel as finger-empowered as E.T.