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Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 08, 2008  |  0 comments

Definitive Technology had some neat new speakers. Above, the new Mythos STS, a slightly smaller and less expensive version of the ST I just reviewed, but with the same 300 watt powered subwoofer. I like the fact that being shorter, their tweeters are at ear level and imaging seemed excellent.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 08, 2008  |  1 comments

From left to right: Luke "I am your father" Jervis, Amber Bell, Scott Wilkinson, Rosemarie Torcivia, Jon Iverson, Shane Buettner, Fred Manteghian, Jon Banner, Angela Speziale and Wes Phillips.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 08, 2008  |  2 comments

Last night, Mitsubishi took the Moon nightclub on the roof of the Palms Casino and turned it into a discothque to premier their long in development laser TV. Using fanfare fitting the unveiling of a major work of art (which in a way, it was), Mitsubishi lit up three of their rear projector laser engine TVs. They were at least 65" in diagonal, though we weren't told an exact size. Each was also about as thin as the thinnest DLP or LCD rear project TVs.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 08, 2008  |  0 comments

Demonstrating their wireless 7.2 channel speaker / amplification system, Neosonik's system uses a proprietary 5 GHz wireless system to transmit signals digitally to each speaker. A central controller will accept an HDMI input and then transmit audio digitally to each speaker. Each speaker in turn has digital amplification for each driver. I asked about the video portion of the HDMI signal that had been routed to the controller. They've a device that transmits that signal digitally as well to a small receiver connected to your display.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 08, 2008  |  0 comments

Designer Kevin Voecks accepts the Ultimate AV magazine's 2007 Speaker System of the Year award for Revel's Ultima2 Studio2 system. This $36,000 system <a href="" target="new"> (click here to see a full list of this year's award recipients) </a> earned high praise indeed from Tom Norton in his review when he referred to it as the best sound he has ever heard in his home theater.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 08, 2008  |  0 comments

Aaron is a reporter for the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. I immediately asked him about what he thought about how Chelsea Clinton dissed the nine-year-old reporter from the Scholastic News in Iowa last week, and he and his Mom (right) were surprised it took so long for anyone to ask.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 07, 2008  |  0 comments

LG's 60PG70 plasma looked pretty amazing. I can't say if it's in Pioneer Kuro territory, but with a 30,000:1 claimed contrast ratio, there was little to fault. I asked one of LG's booth specialists to bring up the ISFccc calibration menu and he was able to do so without pressing 5432+Enter on the remote (sorry – inside joke for former CRT calibrators).

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 07, 2008  |  0 comments

The Sherwood Newcastle R-972 won't be out until April '08, but I sat down for a demo of their new receiver. What sets it apart from other 4 HMDI in (1 out) AVRs is their Trinnov Optimizer. The fuzzy shot above shows green speakers along the peripheral of the coincentric circles that describe the speaker placement positions used during soundtrack mastering. The smaller red speaker positions show where people normally put them. By generating tones, I was told, the Sherwood receiver will figure out where you've placed speakers in your room, and compensate for it. I asked if you'd get that great on-screen display with the R-972's implementation, but alas, no. However, you can interface your laptop to the receiver and work with the setup that way.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 07, 2008  |  0 comments

Dolby was showing us something we'd heard about at Cedia, but which they weren't quite ready to show last fall. This time, using video from three different programs, they did a before and after demo of how Dolby Volume equalizes disparities between sources. It worked well enough in the demo and one thing I did note was that it <i>wasn't</i> heavy handed. For example, the program that was clearly lower in volume in the "before" condition, was still softer than either of the other programs.

Fred Manteghian  |  Jan 06, 2008  |  Published: Jan 07, 2008  |  0 comments

Sharp's newly announced Ethernet equipped LCD panels, like their top of the line SE94, provide customized Web-based content to their owner. In addition, Sharp technicians would have real time access to your TV for support situations or, well, if you were watching a ball game that was blacked out in their area. Sharp says there will be no subscription fees or ad-support requirements.