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Sure, it’s great when one musician can collaborate with another in a faraway country and end up with something impressive — even when the two never spend any time together in a studio. The wonders of the digital age have made it easy to carry on long-distance recording relationships.

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Finding Forever Geffen
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Common's 2005 album, Be - which garnered four Grammy nominations and plenty of g
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Brighter Than Creation's Dark New West
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A band that can steamroll through a 4-hour gig,

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Watch out, hip-hop: If you don’t stay on top of your game, you might get bumped out of the limelight by other forms of pop music. That’s the meaning behind the title of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s brash, lavishly produced collaboration, as Jay himself has acknowledged.

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The Last Sucker
The Last Sucker 13th Planet/Megaforce
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Can I Keep This Pen? Ipecac
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My homies (from the same high school on Long Island) have bolted from Columbia and are n
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